Perpetuation Site

A tower-like pillar assembled from a beeline vertical pile of small rocks, is an indexical structure that can be found in various hiking and sight seeing locations around the world, commonly known as a Rujum (Arabic), Rogem (Hebrew), Cairn (English). These piles were historically placed in nature by local scouts to mark the path for future hikers. In their mythical context Rujums were raised over graves, or placed in battlefields to mark a small provisional monument for soldiers who lost their lives in battles. In the Jewish tradition it is common to leave a small rock on the surface of a grave when visiting a cemetery, as a symbolic gesture that ties a connection between the deceased and the living. It is a cultural gesture that symbolically notes to the deceased, as well as to the living visitors, a continuity of life.

The sculpture is a miniature hand-made version of the original structure that humorously challenges the pile’s gravitation with the illusion of a naturally aligned assembly.