Salon Beton Exhibition and Catalog Launch

Friday, November 20, 2015, 11 am – 2:30 pm
The concrete gardens in the Avishor neighborhood, Arad

Curated by: Hadas Kedar

10 climate gardens were built at the Avishur neighborhood in Arad, 50 years ago. The gardens were designed by architect Zvi Dekel, who was awarded a Caravan prize.

On November 20, Arad’s birthday, the general public is invited to a day of art, performance, and learning activities that will take place in these gardens.

The event will launch a catalog that includes an essay by architect and researcher Michael Jacobson on the climate gardens and an interview with Hadar Zvi Dekel; A personal text by Hadar Guy Nardi about his childhood and adolescence in Arad and a text by Hadar Israel Drori, which deals with the rich activities of Adar Zvi Dekel and original maps by the artists Karen Benbenisti and Gudrun Weidluk. The catalog is designed by Yaniv Yehuda Eiger.

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