Out Of Sight

May 15 throught Sep 15, 2015 / Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

The present cluster of exhibitions seeks to present the issue of the relation to “place” in Israeli art. What is the effect of the presence of the artist here in Israel, or his absence from the country, on the representation of the “Israeli place”, of the “here and now”? The artistic oeuvre displayed in these shows expresses the tension between an artistic practice that is activist and sociopolitically oriented, and one that seeks the realms of dream and fantasy. It seems that the further away an artist is from the pit of the volcano, the more it sparks his interest, and the closer he is, the more urgent is his need to escape.

Distant viewpoints borrow their imagery from a variety of media and documented materials, but also from imagination and memory. Artists de-construct and rebuild their point of view and the reality of their homeland through the identity of the artists as immigrants.
With works by 8 Israeli artists currently living in New York:
Ido Abramson / Eli Barak / Shirley Wagner / Alona Weiss / Noa Charuvi / Etti Yaniv / Naomi Safran-Hon / Ronen Shai

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