I Walk Deserts Full Of Matter

Room Service Project Space
485 Lorimer st, Brooklyn, NY
May 8-20, 2015

We walk deserts full of matter, monomaniacs pushing boundaries, escaping realities and diving into new habitats, melting together what we were with what we will be.

A new not-for-profit art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn has recently opened its doors at 485 Lorimer Street.
The space, named Room Service and run by Mattia Casalegno, Sarah Corona, Lilian Kreutzberger and Francesco Lecci, will focus mostly on site-specific installations developed by one or few artists at a time.
I Walk Deserts Full Of Matter is the first of a series of shows investigating art and space, how they interact and what they draw one from another.

The group show is composed of works by Jarrod Beck, Lilly Handley, Christian Hincapié, Alexa Hoyer, Alexandra Phillips, Paz Ortuzar, Alona Weiss, Alex Yudzon.

Press: Droste Effect Magazine

485 lorimer flyer_May8