Negative Spaces

Negative Spaces, is a performative video in which the artist uses herself in varying poses and movements that either align with, or play against, her projected drawings of buildings and statues.

These drawings trace 30 out of 3,000 monuments and memorials scattered in public spheres throughout the landscapes of Israel, in vicinity to schools, urban landmarks, or national parks.

The various monuments, representing a wide range of tragic events, were constructed by the Israeli National Commemoration Project with a mission to remember victims of wars and battles through a patriotic prism, transforming a personal memory to a collective one, as a cohesive emotional unit.
Nevertheless, the didactic mission which led to the construction of these monuments fades over the years. Despite their quantity, size and physical strength, the monuments are bound to become provisional structures where the ravages of time blur the boundaries between a monumental establishment and environmental sculptures.

Through re-appropriation by younger generations, whose interface with these historical tributes transpires as told narratives, the monuments are bound to transform into open structures that summon various leisure interactions: social gatherings, family picnics, or arbitrary playgrounds.

Drawing connections between systems of entertainment and symbols of manipulation, this work aims to examine borders of content and form, by referencing the transient nature of Remembrance, the seductive nature of nostalgia, and the theatricality of their deception.

Installation pictures: The Kitchen Gallery, NY.

Photo Mar 31, 8 22 58 PM copy