Kiss a Statue

Kiss a Statue shows a performance of two Acro-Yoga practitioners exercising around and over the Mitzpe Moav (The Moav Viewpoint) sculpture/monument, which was completed in 1968 by sculptor Yigal Tumarkin, an artist best known for building war monuments and large scale outdoor sculptures in Israel.

A man and a woman perform an Acro-Yoga exercise, a gymnastic practice that requires dynamic power balance based on contact and trust between the practicing individuals. As they blend with the geometrical shapes and outlines of the statue, a layered, three angled relationship is formed: the relationship between the two acrobats, caught in an intimate and fragile strive to achieve a symbiotic balance between their bodies, and a relationship between their bodies and the statue, that dictates and challenges their movements by its crooked and angled surfaces. A fourth dimension is created through the camera lens that confuses the structure’s size and flattens its appearance, to appear as a miniature model. 

The sculpture is one of the most prominent symbols of the city of Arad, a politically charged town in the southern district of Israel. It is located on the border of the Negev and Judean Deserts, west of the Dead Sea and east of the city Beer Sheva.
It was built to serve both as a vantage point, and in memory of the fallen in a military operation during 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

Sound: Electronic Composition by Maurice Wright (1976), Courtesy of the artist.
Acrobats: Inbar Ronen and Uri Gottlieb.
DP: Leia Shahar, Alona Weiss.

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