Kiss a Statue

A neglected Brutalist public monument is repurposed as a platform for an Acro-Yoga session. The gymnastic practice requires a power balance based on contact, communication, and trust. As the acrobats blend with the geometrical shapes and outlines of the monument, a triangular relationship is formed: a relationship between the couple and their intimate strive to balance their bodies, and between the surface of the structure, that dictates and challenges their movements with its crooked angled surfaces.

The sculpture was built in l968 at the outskirts of Arad in Israel, by sculptor Yigal Tumarkin, an artist best known for building war monuments and large-scale public artworks around Israel.

Sound: Electronic Composition by Maurice Wright (1976), Courtesy of the artist.
Acrobats: Inbar Ronen and Uri Gottlieb.
DP: Leia Shahar, Alona Weiss.

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